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Bus Charter Trips Are Green Mode of Transportation

As the price of gasoline and diesel continues to rise,Guest Posting people are looking for an alternative to driving long distances to an event in the family car. One alternative is to take the bus. Let’s crunch the numbers. A recent study by Nathan Associates, a research firm based in Arlington, Virginia, found that a motorcoach or bus charter is the most fuel-efficient mode of transportation in the U.S. The study shows that motorcoaches offer 148.4 passenger miles per gallon of fuel. Other modes of transportation do not compete. The same study shows that passenger miles per gallon of intercity trains is 74.1, air carriers achieve a figure of 40.9 and the passenger automobile is 35.4.Moreover, the number one people mover is motorcoach or bus charter transportation. For example, a 2000 study by R.L. Banks & Associates showed that  motorcoaches carried 863,000,000 passengers in the United States and Canada in 1999. In the United States alone it has been reported that about 774,000,000 were carried by motorcoaches. It has been reported that motorcoaches or bus charters carry one-fourth more passengers than the airlines and two times more than Amtrak and commuter rail lines combined. And the motorcoach or bus charter industry has steadily improved on its fuel economy through the years. In 2004, consumption of fuel per passenger mile was 5.3 percent lower than the average from 1992 through 2004. And, although the air carriers industry witnessed the best reduction of fuel consumption per passenger mile (6.6 percent), it still consumed three times more fuel per passenger mile as the motorcoach or bus charter industry in 2004.In addition, bus charter transportation is more efficient as far as energy intensity is concerned. For example, in 2004 the motorcoach industry consumed 938 BTUs per passenger mile. Yacht Charter Greece had a figure of 3,341; passenger cars were measured at 3,527; and intercity passenger trains achieved 2,134 BTUs per passenger mile.It has also been discovered that driving habits can account for a fuel savings of as much as 30 percent. And bus charter companies diligently train their drivers and no doubt teach them the best driving habits that not only assure safety but also helps to conserve on fuel. In addition, technologies are constantly improving things. For example, there is more use of six speed automatic transmissions with a second overdrive that helps with fuel efficiency. More Green Facts to ConsiderMotorcoaches used on charter bus trips for many companies include GPS technology which helps to control unnecessary idling and the company can also monitor the speed and braking patterns of the driver. This helps conserve on tire wear and fuel economy. It is also said that a motorcoach can replace as many as 55 vehicles from the highway; produce less carbon emissions than a passenger car and helps to reduce carbon dioxide because it replaces so many vehicles from being on the road. Here are more green facts concerning bus charters or motorcoaches:• Since 2006 motorcoaches use ultra low sulphur diesel fuel which nearly eliminates sulphur emissions.• As more coaches with new engines introduced in 2007 that burn the low sulphur diesel fuel appear, 90 percent of black smoke will be eliminated.• A study done by Transport Canada indicated that motorcoaches emit less greenhouse gases than trains, airplanes and automobiles.• More and more motorcoaches are using biodiesel.•