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Wisconsin’s SuperCash Lottery Game Odds and Payouts (Including the Free Doubler Draw)

Assuming you live in the province of Wisconsin, you might have found out about the SuperCash lottery game. If not, you ought to look at it since it’s a cool game with good chances and prize payouts. There is likewise a free reward “Doubler” draw that expands your awards. This article will clarify all that you want for have some familiarity with the game.

You can play SuperCash consistently, as draws are held every evening. It costs $1. Yet, for every 3raja slot dollar spent, you get two lines, so each line costs you only 50 pennies. That is very great incentive for a lotto ticket!

The game elements a top big stake of $350,000. To win the bonanza, you should match 6 numbers, out of a potential 39. The chances of matching every one of the 6 numbers, per line, are 1-in-3,262,623. Notwithstanding, since you get two lines for each ticket, your chances drop to 1-in-1,631,312. Those are respectable chances for a lottery game!

The Wisconsin SuperCash game offers different awards, as well, for matching 3, 4, or 5 numbers and the awards range from $1 to $500. Presently, after each draw, Wisconsin Lottery does a different reward “Doubler” draw for nothing (It doesn’t cost you anything extra). Assuming the doubler ball is drawn, the awards (Barring the top award) are all multiplied. In this way, for instance, assuming you match 5-out-of-6 numbers and the Doubler ball is drawn, you win $1000 rather than $500. The chances of the Doubler ball being picked are 1-in-7.

As may be obvious, the SuperCash game is nice chances and good awards (Particularly in the event that the Doubler ball is picked). It’s definitely justified to give the game a shot in the event that you live in the province of Wisconsin!

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